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Therapy and Counselling in Northamptonshire

Counselling Services in Northamptonshire offering a personalised therapy suited to your individual needs.

I work with individuals in Northamptonshire to understand their issues and work through them. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of counselling whether you want to set life goals or establish healthy relationships, you don’t need to be in a debilitating crisis to get support.

Integrative Therapy or Integrative Counselling uses and combines different types of psychotherapeutic theory, skills and techniques to help you explore your difficulties and create positive outcomes. Here’s a brief summary of what you can expect from my counselling services: 

• You can recognise limitations you have set on yourself and find ways to move beyond them
• You can integrate all the different aspects of yourself (mind, body, emotions, social skills, spirituality)
• You can set goals that lead you towards a more fulfilled life
• You can begin to face your life in a more open, available, and less judgemental way

I help individuals like you who may want relationship counselling, bereavement counselling, anxiety counselling and a wide range of other issues.

Often we think therapy has to be long term – this is not the case. By making a commitment to counselling even after a short while, it gives you a safe space to talk openly and freely.  Everyone has emotional challenges.  No one needs to suffer alone.  Counselling can help individuals to learn how to be themselves again. Often though, we have questions that need answering first – find out how Therapy and Counselling can help you.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.

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