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What my clients say...

"I approached Nirm during a difficult divorce that had a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Aware of my challenges, Nirm provided me with a safe place to release my most deepest emotions and thoughts, some of which I was completely unaware of.

When life felt impossible, Nirm made it possible to navigate through. Our sessions have been insightful and I walk away confident and equipped with the tools for ensuring my well-being.
- K
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"I found myself in a very dark place during lockdown and felt very little joy in life, a strong feeling of isolation and I was stuck with recurring thought patterns. I struggled not being able to go out and see people and couldn't get a break from the way I was feeling. I struggled with communicating how I felt to Nirm.

Nirm did not pressure me but found ways to help to me to communicate. It took me a long time to open up and I feel so much better now that I have been able to. I've learned a lot about myself and I've learnt coping techniques that I can now apply. I found online counselling very easy. I was able to discuss what I wanted from the comfort and safety of my own home.

I now feel much happier and content and I have a positive outlook on life.
- L
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"I came to counselling after years of suffering from anxiety. I also generally wanted to understand behavioural habits and thoughts more, so that I could become the best version of me possible.

Nirm was always so supportive and amazing during our sessions and has really aided me to learn from the past to better my future. She has given me a self comfort and strength that I didn't know I had.

Online counselling with Nirm was wonderful. I was in an environment in which I felt safe and comfortable with which in itself was therapeutic. It still felt personal and rewarding.

I would recommend [and have recommended] Nirm to everyone. We could all do with counselling to better understand ourselves and our lives.

- N
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"I started counselling with Nirm during the pandemic lockdown as I had started feeling anxious and low in moods. This was my first experience of counselling so I was apprehensive about what to expect, especially since it was online due to the pandemic.

However, Nirm made me feel very relaxed and I felt comfortable sharing my feelings with her as I didn’t feel judged in any way. It was easy to connect to each session virtually and it didn’t feel impersonal even though there was a laptop screen in between us!

I looked forward to attending the sessions each week because I could see the difference it was making. We talked about my childhood and relationships, as well as using creative techniques such as drawing and colouring. Nirm also recommended various books to me, which I have found very helpful to read.

I feel like I have learnt how to deal with certain situations better which has made me feel more positive and lifted my mood. Nirm made it clear that the door is always open if I do need any more support in the future, and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you again Nirm."
- A
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"I approached Nirm after seeking a counsellor online for my low moods, anxiety and general self-esteem issues. Nirm set out clear goals at the start of the session, which made me feel confident that there was a pathway to the light.

There were a range of techniques which allowed me to think differently, feel confident in my decision making, and overall, view issues in a different way. Online counselling was not much different to face to face, in a way, I preferred being in my own environment when speaking to a professional.

I have come away, with my mojo back!

Thanks to Nirm's professionalism, warmth and friendliness.
Thank you for everything you helped me through Nirm!"
- P
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"I approached Hello to Therapy for counselling after a bereavement. It took me a long while to get the courage to seek help after my mother’s death and I had sank very low with my mental health. Speaking with Nirmal put me at ease immediately though and I felt comfortable to finally get my feelings out and start to understand them better. During the one to one sessions, I found some of the creative aspects of the sessions surprisingly helpful in opening myself up to the more difficult issues that I was avoiding or finding harder to process and communicate. I also enjoyed getting some interesting book recommendations which have helped me to cultivate some valuable coping mechanisms as well as further understanding of my feelings. My overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive and I cannot recommend therapy with Nirmal enough. She has made me see things differently and allowed me to develop the tools needed to settle my mind when needed. I only wish I had done it sooner. I initially signed up for face to face, one on one sessions but because of Corona Virus we conducted the sessions online and I must say they were better than expected and still beneficial."
- A
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"It has been my privilege and good fortune to have undertaken counselling sessions with Nirmal following a bereavement. I cannot place a value on these sessions as they have improved my life immeasurably.

Nirmal's approach was gentle and encouraging from the beginning and she immediately put me at ease and I felt both happy and confident in speaking with her. The counselling helped immensely with the difficulties I had in "getting on with my life" after my best friend (whom I had looked after for 6 months prior to his death) died very suddenly.

I felt that I was continually "haunted" by certain aspects of his death and to some extent, by his family's reactions. I knew that I was not coping in comparison with my numerous close family bereavements over the past years and I felt that I was in a chasm from which I could not emerge or see a positive way forward. It was beginning to have adverse effects on my health; both physical and mental. Fortunately, I also have a wonderfully supportive and understanding GP who advised me to seek counselling but also prescribed anti-depressant medication which I am delighted to say I am no longer using. My GP is pleased with the improvement , generally, in my health as a result of bereavement counselling.

I can see now that I had been far too stoic in dealing with the issue and should have asked for help and support long before I did as Nirmal's approach and our sessions in general have made a great difference to my life now. She encouraged me to be more positively reflective and to be able to place situations into a much more realstic perspective and context.

I cannot speak too highly of her or thank her enough for the support she gave to me and I can now reflect upon our discussions if I feel I need to re-visit these at any time.

I wish Nirmal well in her practice and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar very dark place to that which I felt trapped in.”
- D
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"Nirmal welcomed me into counselling and made sure I was comfortable. She explained to me that whatever is discussed is confidential and I felt safe.

I first felt silly to open up about my issues in my head but Nirmal soon made me realise they are not silly or stupid and I should be listened to and heard. This is the great thing about Nirmal is that she is 100 percent listening and also wants to listen to you. She doesn’t judge you for the way you are feeling or tell you that you shouldn’t be feeling a certain way she just listens and understands you some how, in her kind and gentle way.

I am a mother of three children who I adore and I always had a massive guilt hanging over me that I wasn’t the perfect mother and this is what I craved or gave myself a hard time over (replaying things over and over in my head) . Nirmal made me see why I felt this way from current and past relations with parents and why I had put so much pressure on myself. I am now able to do things for myself without having guilt, I realised mine and my children’s relationship is not the same as mine and my parents relationships. She also made it feel ok that I can have me time and time to recharge my battery’s and that I should do this in order to feel full enough to give myself to others.

I was worried when our sessions were coming to an end as Nirmal was my safe haven. I was looking forward to each week or every other but she made me feel confident in myself again. I am now able to enjoy life a lot more and not overthinking or worry as much as I did before the sessions.

Nirmal also left the door open and told me that if I ever needed anymore help then I can, which was a real relief and I feel confident enough now to know when and if that time will come. We all need a little help sometimes and thanks to Nirmal, I’ve discovered this. Thank you so much xxx"
- K
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"I've suffered with a number of mental health problems for a few years: Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and PTSD, so it's been a constant struggle. I've seen and been through a number of therapies and therapists over the years and I'm sorry to say some of whom just seemed to be going through the motions and offered very little help.

Then there were those special few that actually seemed to care and helped me overcome so much in my life. Nirmal was one of these very special people that will stay in the fore front of my heart and continued wellbeing. She gave me the strength, self belief, and tools to move forward. We tried a number of different approaches and I took something away from each session.

Her 1 to 1 approach is second to none. On my first visit I was scared to death, Anxiety through the roof but by the time I left, I was relaxed and at ease and looking forward to the next time. As the sessions progressed, so did I. I've come such a long way since that first session and can see the change in myself, in my life, in my self belief. I know I'll never be 100% but thanks to Nirmal, I have the tools to at least make those really hard days not so bad.

I've suffered with social Isolation for a long period in my life but I now have the strength and confidence to attend a variety of clubs and projects. I'm slowly starting to get my life back, something I never thought I would.

I hope this post will help in your decision to go and see Nirmal, no matter how big or small you think your problems are, I'm sure the help you receive will be nothing less than 100%.

Once again a massive thank you Nirmal for everything you did for me, I'll never forget it."
- C
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“I found Nirm to be an absolute delight to work with. She made me feel comfortable from the get go and I looked forward to our sessions each week. I began counselling with Nirm after being rejected by Mental Health Services despite me approaching a relapse.

I was initially hesitant that, after being under services for 4 years, a 6 week block of counselling wouldn’t do anything for me. She proved me wrong. From the very beginning she reassured me that the sessions were flexible and would follow any format I felt comfortable with. This approach worked really well for me as opposed to the structured work of public services.

Nirm guided me through a process of understanding and realisation. She helped me work out why I have the difficulties I do and helped me better identify my emotions. I left every session feeling positive and as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Nirm is a lovely person to work with and I would not hesitate reaching out again if I felt I needed more support in the future.”
- S
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"I approached Nirm after having spent years in and out of a very toxic relationship, and was looking for someone to talk to so I could navigate my way through the end of the relationship, learn why I’d accepted how I’d been treated for so long and find peace in myself. Nirm helped me learn things about myself I didn’t know, teaching me how resilient I have been but also teaching me to put boundaries in places where they had not been for some time. My time with Nirm was during the Covid-19 lockdowns, and was all carried out virtually via Zoom - I would look forward to every session, as Nirm had a way of making me feel her presence even through a computer screen. I felt safe and comfortable in all of our sessions.We approached therapy with creative methods, and a big success for me was creating a timeline, looking into childhood up to the present and figuring out what things in my past has shaped the way I am today. Nirm was super supportive throughout and only set me tasks she knew would be right for me.I am now in a much better place than I was when I started therapy, and I have Nirm to thank for that - she held my hand (virtually) through a very dark time in my life and I now feel ready to face the world with my new toolkit of coping mechanisms that she has taught me. Thank you Nirm for everything you have done for me!"
- K