In response to Coronavirus (Covid 19) online sessions are now available. Please get in touch for a free telephone assessment.

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On arrival, please press the door-bell. I’ll come and greet you. If you do arrive early, I may have another client with me. So, in order to be respectful to other clients, please wait for me to answer the door.
Yes, of course. But they won’t be able to join you in the session. Confidentially is paramount.
The first session is about gathering initial information from you, completing a few forms and an opportunity for you to ask questions. We’ll explore your reasons for seeking counselling, and I’ll outline what you can expect from your counselling sessions. We’ll discuss confidentiality, privacy and how I record your notes.
If you feel your counselling isn’t going well and you would like to end your sessions, you’re free to do so at any point. I’ll support you in whatever you want to do. Sometimes it is helpful to see a session through to the end to understand and also to safely manage the end of your counselling.
Your appointment starts from the agreed time of your session for 50 minutes. If you’re late, unfortunately, I can’t extend your session. If you’re running late, it’s still worth coming, but you’ll still be charged for the full session.

If you don’t come to the session you’ve booked and/or don’t cancel before the agreed notice period, you’ll still be charged the full session fee. If you cancel within the notice period we agreed, there’ll be no charge for the session.

If you are arriving for counselling from a distance, such as Birmingham, then please let me know where you’ll be travelling from ahead of time.
Confidentiality is the cornerstone of counselling. Everything we talk about will be 100% confidential. The only exceptions to this are if I feel that you or others are at risk of serious harm, or where I have a legal duty to report child protection issues, acts of terrorism and money laundering. I’ll always endeavour to talk to you first, and hopefully, together we will be able to agree the best course of action.

As a counsellor, I work within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework, which requires me to share details of our sessions with my supervisor. Please note, you won’t be identifiable from these discussions. I also keep brief factual notes about our sessions. Again, you’re not identifiable from these notes.